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Quality Hair Cut Denver, Co

What's My Philosophy? You Talk I Listen...

Tell me what cut you want and I'll create the quality hair cut that not only fits your lifestyle and personality, but builds your confidence and accentuates your look.  I will listen to your vision for style and consult on the best quality hair cut based on your hair texture, facial shape and lifestyle.  I take great pride in taking the time to listen, consult and create the perfect style for you. 

Bad haircut?  Don't know what you want or can't seem to find the haircut to satisfy you?  During the consultation, we'll determine commonalities that appeal to your sense of style. I will provide ideas on the latest trends and come to an agreement on the cut before we ever touch the scissors. As a Stylist, I have provided  services for Weddings, Special Events and Fashion Shows. I attend trending education to stay up to date, creating the latest "in" looks.  Pinterest, magazine cutouts, or even an iPhone pic of your friend's haircut that you love are all welcome. The more I know what you want and don't want, the quicker I can suggest your new style